The Highest
LED Lighting for
Motion Picture,
Broadcast Production
& Photography
in The World

Ultimate Brightness

You need light. Lots of it.
Fortunately, Lumenaar lights are very bright.

That means more energy saving,
and longer battery operation.

How bright? About 60% brighter than
other LED production lights.

How do we do it?

Let’s just say “secret sauce”.

Ultimate Color Fidelity

Lumenaar brings you unparalleled color accuracy and spectral fidelity

Look closely. Very closely.

Each color block on the MacBeth chart is split horizontally:
The top half is lit by Lumenaar LED,
the bottom by Tungsten Halogen.

Can you see the difference?

When we say True Color, we mean it.

Flawless Skin

Lumenaar Evoq LED
& Tungsten Halogen
working together
in perfect harmony.

Can you tell which side
is lit by which light?

Rugged quality front to back

You're in control

Our Variable Kelvin models give you
full control over color temperature
and dimming.

Rope hang system

Use the yoke to mount our lights
on stands or hang them from rails.

Or you can even hang them
from ropes using our rugged
4-point rope hang system.

You’ve got options.

High Brightness

High lumen output in a compact form factor. No more tradeoff between lighting quality and brightness.

Full Control

Advanced control system that gives you the on-set interactive control you need.

High Performance

Closely matches the lighting spectrum of tungsten halogen and daylight sources for top lighting performance

Product Line

A complete line of products, for studio and portable soft lighting applications.