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Lumenaar LED lights provide unprecedented control over dimming and color temperature.

With interactive fine-grained control over dimming and color temperature at the same time, Lumenaar LED lights can be “actors” too.

For example, you can shoot a simulated time-lapse, with warm, dim early morning light transitioning to bright noonday sun, live on set using the two jog wheels alone. Of course, you can pre-program the effect with a DMX board too – but for pre-vis, or when inspiration strikes with no DMX board in sight, our controls are at your fingertips.

All Lumenaar LED lights have full flicker-free interactive jog-wheel dimming in 5% increments, all the way from 100% on to fully off. Such fine-grained control enables seamless manual dimming live on set, even during shooting.

Variable Kelvin models have two jog wheels, so you can control both brightness and color temperature at the same time, for full creative control on set.

Color Temperature (Kelvin):
Variable Kelvin models have a separate jog wheel for Color Temperature, which allow you to smoothly change color temperature all the way from a warm 2800K to 5600K daylight, in increments of 50 degrees Kelvin.

While changing color temperature, the brightness level remains constant – unless you’re using the dimming jog at the same time, of course!

Kelvin Presets:
Select from five convenient Kelvin presets for the most commonly used settings: 2800K, 3200K, 4000K, 5000K and 5600K.

Remotely control brightness and color temperature with a 5 pin DMX-512 interface for use with industry standard systems.

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