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Because you need so much light on set, it’s easy to spend a lot of energy. As you know, wasting energy is not only bad for the environment, it’s expensive too!

It’s not only the direct costs of electricity, but also some hidden costs to consider:
– On-location costs of generator rentals, permits, operating costs for the generator, and mitigating noise issues from running the generator.
– Extra air conditioning costs necessary to remove excess heat from the set
– Transportation costs for large heavy light fixtures
– Extra time spent deal with lighting and heat-related issues on set (props melting, uncomfortable talent, rigging issues)
– Cost of replacement bulbs for fixtures

All these things add up pretty quick. So while LED production lights may seem expensive at first, they may actually become the best investment you ever made.

Here’s a quick comparison of how much energy various types of production lighting consume, and how much you can save by converting your studio to Lumenaar LED lighting.