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George Simhoni shoot

George Simhoni frozen foods shoot: “the Lumenaar 100 watt Evoq performed flawlessly on long shoot days. I love that I can shoot cold food all day long and not have to worry about the light affecting the products.” George shot stills, and also motion using the RED camera at high speed.

Matthew Plexman shoot

Matthew Plexman shoot: The Lumenaar 100 watt Evoq Variable Kelvin light is seen at the upper right, simulating daylight after the sun went down.

Lumenaar LED versus Tungsten

A Lumenaar 3200K LED light illuminates one side of our model, and a tungsten halogen softlight illuminates the other.

In the video, we alternately turn off the tungsten and LED or turn off just one bulb of the tungsten light, so you can clearly see the contribution and seamless interplay of the two lights. This is what we mean when we say Lumenaar LED lights play nice with their friends.

For this demo we used a 200 watt Lumenaar Evoq and a 1500 watt Tungsten Halogen.

The Evoq is brighter than the Tungsten yet emits no heat. It consumes a mere fraction of the power.

What People Are Saying:

Your light was brilliant. Couldn’t have done the shoot without it!

The Evoq LED was far brighter than any of our diffused and gelled (for daylight balance) lights.

Matthew Plexman

I love the quality and softness of the Evoq light … and the brightness really throws out a good distance. The performance was rock solid!

George Simhoni

I’ve found Lumenaar lights to have a beautiful quality, and they’re among the brightest and and most colour accurate LED units on the market.

Karl Roeder