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evoq100: 100 watt LED studio production light

The Evoq100 is a 100 watt studio LED lighting system for the most discerning motion picture production and broadcast studio professionals.

It generates 10,000 lumens of high spectral quality light. It is fully dimmable from 100% down to off, in 1% increments for fine-grain interactive lighting control without flicker or color shift.

Evoq100 is a professional imaging tool without equal. With a lightweight yet rugged aluminum alloy construction, incredible lighting performance and full featured control system it’s designed from the ground up to be your go-to choice for the most exacting lighting tasks. Its light output replaces a 1K Tungsten softlight.

It has a color temperature (Kelvin) range between 2800K and 5600K. Select from 5 preset Kelvin settings (2800K, 3200K, 4000K, 5000K, 5600K) or use the dedicated jog wheel to modulate color temperature in real time.

Dimming and color temperature can be controlled simultaneously using interactive jog wheels for maximum creative control and interactivity.

Full DMX512 control over dimming and color temperature, with a professional 5 pin interface.

Includes a robust yoke for stand mounting or suspension. An integral 4 point rope hang system is also built into the housing, so you can mount the evoq100 in virtually any configuration.

CRI (98)
Lumens/Watt (100)
Spectral Efficacy Factor (98)

Variable Kelvin (2800K – 5600K)
10,000 lumens
Dimming in 5% increments with jog wheel
Color temperature control in 50K increments with jog wheel
DMX512 dimming and color temperature control
5 pin DMX interface
Yoke and rope hang included
Integrated power supply for 120/240 volt AC operation
Input for  24 volt DC professional batteries
Barn Doors available (optional)


  • Variable Kelvin (2800K – 5600K)
  • Integrated DMX512
  • Heat-free LED technology
  • Flicker-free dimming
  • Dims from 100% to 5% without color shift
  • Control Color Temperature (Kelvin)  and Dimming simultaneously
  • Integrated power supply
  • Power consumption (non-dimmed): 102 watts
  • Power Input: 100-240 VAC or 24 volt DC pro batteries

Size & Weight

496 mm wide x 346 mm high x 116 mm deep
(19.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 4.5 inches)

7.8 kg (17 lbs) including yoke


98 CRI (color rendering index)
10,500 lumens

3,680 lux at 1 meter distance (39 inches)
400 lux at 3 meter distance (~10′)
148 lux at 5 meter distance (16 feet, 5 inches)

Replaces a 1K Tungsten softlight.

Available Accessories

Barn Doors
Honeycomb Louvers