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VHCRI Tungsten/Daylight Hybrid LED Flexible Strip



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Lumenaar’s Very High CRI Hybrid LED strip alternates tungsten and daylight LEDs to permit mixing controlled amounts of each colour temperature to create intermediate colour temperatures.

Both the 3100K and the 5600K LEDs emit full spectrum white LED linear light source that renders skin-tones and colors beautifully and naturally. VHCRI means “Very High CRI” for truly color-correct and complete spectrum white light. Rated at 98 CRI with R9 red value over 92, they have been engineered to blend seamlessly with legacy daylight and fluorescent fixtures and other high-end LED fixtures. They can be dimmed without changing Kelvin color temperature using our flicker-free DMX dimmers.

With 120 LEDs per meter (60 tungsten and 60 daylight), Lumenaar VHCRI LED strip provides seamless, dot-free illumination on camera. They can be cut every 10 cm (4″).

Ideal for set design, incident lighting, light boxes, under cabinet lighting, vehicle interiors, inside a refrigerator, interactive lighting from electronic devices and so much more. With its very low profile, low power consumption and no heat in the light beam, VHCRI Hybrid LED strip can be used virtually anywhere.

Digital cinema cameras are more sensitive than ever to the spectral quality of white light. That’s why precise control of beautiful, full spectrum white light is key. VHCRI Hybrid LED brings you smooth, full-spectrum color-correct light for lighting and set-design professionals.

Comes with bare-wires ends and an attachable female DC barrel connector.

24 volt DC
5 meters (16.4 feet)
10 mm wide
Cuttable every 10 cm.(4 inches)
Consumes 24 watts per meter (12w tungsten + 12w daylight)

Also available in waterproof silicone sleeve upon request (non-submersible)

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