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Lumenaar Evoq product line
Evoq35 Portable Evoq65 Portable Evoq100 Studio Evoq200 Studio

Meet Evoq, our groundbreaking line of LED softlights with unrivalled performance.

What is Evoq?

Evoq is a tool for telling stories. A glint of moonlight. A whiter smile. Sunshine in her hair. The evening news.

Evoq is pure full spectrum lighting with high brightness, enabled by Lumenaar’s patented Spectral CBET (Color & Brightness Enhancement Technology).

Evoq the moment.

Lumenaar offers a full range of LED softlight panels to meet every need.

Evoq100 is a studio 100 watt LED panel light that includes a rope hanging system and provides 60% more brightness than other LED production lights of the same wattage.

Evoq200 is a studio 200 watt LED panel light that includes a rope hanging system, and is the brightest LED panel on the market.

Evoq portable models are in development.

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