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Lumenaar fufils the promise of LED Lighting

Our proprietary technology allows us to achieve stunning color accuracy without sacrificing brightness. Yup, with standard LED technology, increasing color fidelity to meet the high standards of motion picture production means sacrificing 40 to 50% of brightness. That’s a lot!

We do things differently. With our patented Spectral CBET (Color & Brightness Enhancement Technology), we’ve been able to overcome the tradeoff between color rendering accuracy and brightness.

Our LED lights are a stunning 60 to 100% brighter than others on the market – with higher quality light, and using no more power. Can you say “wow”?

Lumenaar LED products produce about 100 lumens per watt of high fidelity lighting, compared to about 42-55 lumens per watt of other quality LED production lights, and only 10-12 lumens per watt of tungsten halogen. Learn more…

What does this mean for you?

It means that when you use Lumenaar products, colors will be rendered accurately. Skin tones looks like, well… skin tones. Fabrics and textures look natural, and makeup doesn’t look pasty.

And, because we give you a lot more light, you can run longer on batteries, and reduce the need for generators on location.

If you’re outfitting a studio, you won’t need to buy as many lights.

And of course, you’ll save a lot more energy every time you turn them on.

Split MacBeth chart

This is a “split” MacBeth color chart. The top half of each color square is lit by a standard Tungsten Halogen light, and the bottom half is lit by a Lumenaar LED light at 3200K. At first (or second) glance, you may not notice that each square is split. That’s the point actually.

Lumenaar LED lights render colors so accurately, it’s virtually identical to Tungsten light. The same holds true for other legacy light sources. Which says a lot about the spectral fidelity of our products.

Lumens per watt comparison

Relative brightness of Lumenaar lights compared to other LED production lights and tungsten halogen production lights, at the same power consumption.

What are lumens?
Lumens is a measure of brightness, and watts refer to power consumption.

The higher the lumens per watt, the more efficiently the light is generated; less power is consumed and less heat is produced. Another term for lumens / watt is “efficacy”.

More about brightness…